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If you’re reading this, it means that the fall semester is right around
the corner! A couple of messages/advertisements before September rolls
around! One is from another club at the university recruiting new members.
The other is the announcement of an exciting new course being offered this
coming fall!

Autonomous Robot Club (ARC)

Hello Students,
The purpose of this post is to let you know about the Autonomous Robot
Club (ARC). We are a group of undergraduate and graduate students that
have a common passion to build autonomous robots.
Our goal for this year is to support the vertical research program and
attend the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC).
Now, in order for us to achieve our goal we will need all the help we can
get. Therefore, we want to invite you to come visit us and check us out.
If you have some interest in robotic systems, management, program
coordinating, Artificial Intelligence, etc. then come join us. We meet on
Saturdays on ICT 5th at 11am.
If you have any questions and concerns feel free to email us at
And if you want to know more about us check: www.ucalgary.ca/arc/
For more details about the vertical research program visit
For more details about IGVC visit: http://www.igvc.org/
We hope to see new faces soon.


Autonomous Robot Club
Schulich School of Engineering


Announcing a new CPSC 599.86 course for Fall 2015: COMPUTER HAPTICS

Computer haptics is the discipline concerned with generating and rendering
haptic (touch and force feedback) stimuli to the human user. The goal is
to develop virtual reality simulations and applications that incorporate
haptic interaction.
Topics include algorithms for haptic rendering, collision detection,
simulation of rigid and deformable bodies, haptic interfaces, and
psychophysics of touch. See page from previous offering for more
information: http://cs277.stanford.edu

Prerequisites: CPSC 453 or consent of the instructor

Spots are limited so apply soon if you’re interested. Feel free to contact
the course instructor, Dr. Sonny Chan, if you have any questions:


Enjoy the rest of your summer break! See you all in September!

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