Hi everyone!

I hope your school break is going well(unless you’re taking spring courses, then gods help you), but we’re back with just a quick little notice!

Currently, the department is looking into hiring new instructors for the coming year, and part of that interview process is having them do a mock lecture. I know coming back to school on break to go to a fake lecture is far from ideal, but if you’re interested at providing feedback for the department and new instructors, they will be on May 24th, June 2nd, and June 3rd, 11am, in ICT 516.

Dr. Fehmi Jaafar will be on the 24th, Dr. Angela Duta on the 2nd, and Dr. Pavol Federl on the 3rd.

Your feedback will be appreciated, and who doesn’t want to help decide the next prof?

CSUS, out.

Mock Lectures!

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