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How’s everyone summer going so far? You don’t need to actually say anything, this is an email. I hope it’s going well! Just wanted to let ya guys now, we’ve got a few things in the works right now, including a VR workshop for Google Cardboard! Look for the details in the rest of the message.

From David Kapinga, currently looking for a few iOS developers to help out with his application! tbh this is really all the info he’s given us, but hey, 1000-5000 dollars? If I knew Swift, I’d be on that in an instant! Get some experience, get paid, make apps! The full details of the email are just below, and if you’re interested, send him a message!

Hi everyone,

I am an economics student at U of C that is looking for a someone that can help me
develop a mobile application. I have done most of the work, but I need someone to
revise the work and help me with change couple of little things on the application.
I am developing the app for iOS but plan to create the Android version some time at
the end of the summer. I’ve already talked to few NBA trainers and they are all very
interested in the application. The potential of the app is there, i just need
someone that has development skills because I do not. I will be paying the student
at least a $1000 dollars all the way up to maybe $5000 depending on how much work
needs to be done on the mobile application but I would rather partner up with
someone on this project If you are interested please email me at
amiskapinga@gmail.com .

I hope to hear back from someone soon.

Thank you,

Secondly, VR Workshop for work with Google Cardboard!

Our wonderful partners, Academy of VR, are coming to the U of C for a Cardboard VR workshop! Tickets are currently $150, but if you order your tickets before the 15th, they drop to $100 as an early bird sale! The workshop is open to any any all who are interested in doing anything related to VR, and you even get a free Cardboard set at the end! The full details can be found here, and we’ll hope to see you there!

That’s everything for now, enjoy the summer, Stampede, and don’t get caught in all this weird rain we’re having!

CSUS, out.

July Update!

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