Hello world!

How’s everyone doing? Have you been caught up in the social phenomenon of Pokemon Go? And more importantly, why are you not part of Team Valor?(This by no means reflects the view of CSUS as a whole)

As a quick foreword, we’re gonna be moving onto a bi-monthly newsletter!. It turns out that sometimes, we get a lot of news in the first two weeks of a month, with deadlines at the end of the month! As it’s absolutely no use to you if you hear about this after the deadline, we’re gonna move on to bi-monthly updates! Of course, this will come with the caveat that if we don’t get anything of interest, there won’t really be anything to mention, but hey, maybe we’ll post about some new Pokemon we’ve seen! As a general heads up though, Dragonites have been spotted downtown by Prince’s Island Park. “Go” to it!(you can groan here)

Pokemon aside, we’ve got some real news headed your way! First things first, the Cardboard VR workshop is in full motion! As we said in our last newsletter, we’re helping host a Cardboard focused VR workshop on the 31st! Learn to work in VR, make a game in Unity for said VR, and get a Cardboard headset for free! Full details can be found here, tonight is the last night for the early bird sign up, and we’ll hope to see you there!

Secondly, since the people at GE have graciously given us a blurb to pass out, they’ve saved me having to type up an explanation!

“GE Canada is starting 2017 recruitment for our Edison Engineering Development
Program (EEDP)! Celebrated as a diverse environment where great talent meets great
opportunity – we invite you to join our upcoming Virtual Information Session on July
18th at 12pm EST to learn more about this full-time, paid opportunity. Register at
http://invent.ge/29vXwSP. You can also view and apply directly to this Leadership
Program at http://bit.ly/29oqFDX. Applications will be accepted until July 25th.”

But for real, GE is an absolutely wonderful company, if you’re interested, take a look at the info session! Yes we know this is very short notice, but this is kinda what that foreword is talking about, no? ;)

Now, for all of our third and fourth year ComSci students in InfoSec, have we got an opportunity for you! A fantastic unnamed benefactor has set up a bursary for you, and you guys only! The deadline to apply is August 1st, you can find details here, and hey, if I got $2200 for doing what I enjoyed, I’d be drowning in money, not Pidgeys. If this applies to you, definitely take a look!

Lastly, a quick job opportunity! Honestly, the files do a much better job of describing what’s expected of these jobs, so I’ll let you read through them! It looks like they’re currently looking for people to work on Web Development, and an imaging software and server support to go with it! Find the info here:
C++ Software Engineer – Server
C++ Software Engineer
Web Application Developer

That’s everything for now! We’ll see each other again soon(honestly it’s two weeks give or take) , until then, keep it real!
CSUS, out.

Mid July Newsletter!

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