Hello World!

Are you excited to be back to school? Back to that wonderful life of leaving home when it’s dark, getting home when it’s dark, and doing homework all other free times! Wait, you’re saying that’s just me? Some of you guys lead proper student lives with sunshine and human interaction? And here I thought that was a degree requirement. Nonetheless, welcome back! We hope to see you sometime throughout the year!

On October 1st, the U of C is hosting an open house for prospective students! With that in mind, they are currently looking for six student volunteers to hang out in a booth, answering questions about being a Computer Science student here! If anyone is interested, send an email out to nelson@cpsc.ucalgary.ca, and demonstrate your passion for the field!

That’s all for now folks, we’ll be doing another one once classes actually start, and we’ll have loads more information about upcoming events for the semester!

CSUS, out.

Welcome back to school!

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