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I know, I know, it’s been so long since you’ve seen us blocking your email inbox. Just here with some quick updates from the start of school!

We’ve been contacted by Gordon Sick, who has a kickass name, and is also a Finance professor at the U of C! He’s letting us know about a competition on October 1st, and if you’re interested at all, follow the link and sign up! I’ll leave this blurb here, since I will not be anywhere as close to eloquent in explaining what this is.

BP Canada Trading Competition Saturday October 1, 2016
Competition Open to All University of Calgary Students: Two Prizes of $1000 each

The competition will take place in the Main Haskayne Labs, but is open, based on
pre-registration, for any University of Calgary student.

Finance students will naturally be interested in the competition, but there are
natural opportunities for students in Financial Mathematics, Computing Science
(algorthmic trading), Engineering, Accounting, and Operations Management (Management
Science and supply chain management). Also, over the years, many athletes have
transitioned to become successful traders, so this a good opportunity for
compeititve Kinesiology students to get a taste of a trading career.

We use this Competition to start building the University of Calgary Team(s) that
will compete with over 50 schools at the Rotman International Trading Competition in
February. The U of C has been in the top 5 for the last 3 years and beats finance,
algorithmic and quantitative finance students from Berkeley, MIT, Chicago, Waterloo,
Cornell, Princeton and NYU.

More information can be found here!

We also have some talks happening, starting tomorrow! Full information found here, and they go for the rest of this week! Seriously, I’m trying to write a blurb for this, but this poster seriously gives you all the information you need. Take a look!

That’s all for now everyone, we’ll stay in touch as I remember more things I should have put into the first post! Until then,

CSUS, out.

Lectures and Competitions, oh my!

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