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Here we are again, with some more updates! From a more ‘meta’ standpoint, we’re gonna close out the monthly newsletters moving on. Partly because of the lazy communications rep(that’s definitely not me, nope), and mostly because we receive indication of these events with usually a week left before it begins, we’ll be adopting a much more free form stance on our postings, based on how soon it is, how many things we haven’t told you about yet, and how motivated our communications rep(still not me, nope) will be! Now, let’s jump right into it.

Save the date! No, we’re not getting married, but we are having our annual meet and greet! Thursday, September 29th, 6-8pm, in SS 109! Come for a night of meeting new people, playing games, and, as always, free pizza! Membership is required for entry, and is $5 for the upcoming academic year, which we can do at the door!

We’ve got two events coming right at ya from the IEEE, tonight(didn’t you say usually a week?) from 4:30 – 6 pm, and 6 – 9 pm! Full details can be found here, and you can RSVP with the links at the bottom of the document!

As well, from our lovely friends in the Problem Solving Club, they’re having their first meeting tonight(seriously, tonight?), at 6 pm in MS 160! Since their president is far more charming than I am, I’ll leave you with his words.

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great summer! Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 21 at 6:00pm in our usual room, MS 160.

We’ll be doing an introduction to competitive programming as well as hosting a warmup practice contest. This practice contest will be a great way to warm up for upcoming contests and gather some points towards our new leaderboard that we’re introducing.

This leaderboard will be ranked based on the number of problems solved by a person on supported websites like Codeforces, Kattis, UVa Online Judge, and a few others. The number of points earned per problem is not dependent on the difficulty of the problems. Easy problems are worth as much as hard problems, as is in ACM-ICPC contests where all problems are equally-weighted. As well, you can accumulate points by attending meetings, so you won’t want to miss Wednesday’s!

You might be wondering, what do you get if you’re one of the top-ranking people on the leaderboard?

Well, let me tell you. You’ll have the opportunity to have lunch with the CTO of Arcurve as well as special prizes from Synopsys. What better way to get noticed by a software company than by meeting their CTO?

Lastly, and this is a big one. We’ve received notice of a programming “contest” from the 26th to the 30th! I will say it’s less of a contest in that it’s more succinctly described as daily coding challenges, but more contest in that every challenge you succeed at, you get entered into a draw to win $100! Details can be found here, but it seems like that during the week of the 26th, you just head to here, and answer the challenge! Good luck to everyone, I know I’ll be doing it!

That’s all for now folks! I’d like to leave you with something more than a single line trying to summarize all this, but,

CSUS, out.

September Events!

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