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Wait a second, you think to yourself. You haven’t seen an email from CSUS in quite a while. Did you die? Did you give up on newsletters? Or has there really been nothing of note for nearly a month? (Hint, it’s cause I’m very, VERY bad at writing newsletters since I don’t go to school anymore)

As some(or most) of you may already know, we recently held out Hackathon over the reading break week! Shout outs to all our sponsors and the university for everything, we couldn’t have done it without you!

If you’ve been living under a rock all this time(or rather, I’m bad at advertising), our Hackathon brought the theme of Automation and Optimization to the table, and our participants hit it out of the park this year! First place went to Better Friend, second place to File2Go, and third place to the Hackathon Healthcare Service!

Alas, I was not part of the judging, so I won’t be able to regale you all about it, but for anyone interested, you can find the all the submissions, including the winners, right here!

Keep an eye out for next year, we’ll certainly be back with another one to sate your hacking needs!

Secondly, we’re currently looking at gauging interest at offering a 500 level CPSC course during this Spring/Summer! We’ve been contacted by someone looking to see if there are any offerings during those times, and the Word of God(Read: The Department) has stated that if there is enough interest, they’ll consider it! With all that being said then, come on over, and let us know! We’re going to keep this up until the end of the week, and we’ll let you know the results!

That’s all for now! As always,
…I don’t say as always, do I? Ahem.

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

Hackathon results, and a question!

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