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Small update today, we’ve been contacted by the Student Branch of the IEEE at the University, and they wanted us(free advertising) to let you all know about the robotics competition they’re holding!

If you’ve been keeping up with how I write these, you’ve probably realized than on given a blurb, I’ll just seque right into it, with a little bit of intro. Not today!

…that’s cause they gave me the entire body that they would want you to read. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO,

The IEEE Student Branch would like to invite you to participate in the Annual Sumo Robotics Competition. Interested students will work in teams of 2 to 4 to design and build a robot over 2-3 weeks to participate in a sumo wrestling tournament. In essence, build a robot to shove the opponent out of the ring or disable the opponent!! No prior experience is needed and a Lego Mindstorms kit will be lent to each team.
The prizes for winning teams will be:
1st place: $200
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $100
Each team will be required to pay a registration fee of $20 and a refundable security deposit of $20. A $5 discount will be given for each IEEE member on the team (i.e. if all 4 members are IEEE members, you get to compete for free!).
If you are interested, please attend the information session this Tuesday to find out more:
Information Session
Date: Tuesday, March the 14th, 2016
Time: 6:00pm
Location: ENG 124
If you would like to simply pay and sign out the kits, we will be available to lend the kits outs on:
Date: Friday, March the 10th and 17th, 2016
Time: 6:00pm
Location: ENA 301
Competition Date
The competition itself will be held on March 25th and FREE pizza will be provided at the competition.
Anyone can join!
This competition is open to anyone in any department or year. Students can form their own teams, but individual students can also find other team members at the info session. There will be a limit of 20 teams this year. If you have a team and are unable to make it to the info session, please sign up using the following form. Questions and concerns can be directed to mfh.fahad@gmail.com!

Whew, that was tough! Let it be said here, keeping you all updated is hard work!(don’t send us angry emails about this please)

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

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