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Back at it again, we’ve got some contests, a job opportunity, and more! Although I mean the title kinda says all that so I don’t really see why I need th-MOVING ON

First things first, our friends at the Problem Solving Club are hosting the Calgary Collegiate Programming Contest! Happening on March 18th, they-
OH! There’s a blurb! What can I say, I can’t resist.

The Calgary Collegiate Programming Contest will be taking place on March 18. It’s a team-based programming competition which features algorithmic questions. Like last year, we will have two divisions: Division II for students who have not completed CPSC 331 or equivalents and Division I for everyone else (including those who are currently enrolled in CPSC 331).

This will be a great opportunity to compete against your fellow students, win prizes (e.g. $1500 for first place, Division I), and meet our sponsors who will be there!

To register your teams and for more information, please go to psc.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/ccpc and sign up by March 10, 11:30pm MST.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing psc.uofc@gmail.com.

Secondly, Woman in Science and Engineering have reached out to us, letting us know they’re hosting a event! Called ProtoChallenge, it’s a 24 hour event where-
Oh. There’s a blurb here too. Well I mean I wanted to write something but

ProtoChallenge is a 24 hour challenge from Friday, March 31 – Saturday, April 1. where groups of students pitch ideas to help the community and build a prototype to gain skills, find potential employers, and win prizes. Some of the perks include access to our resume database, learning from experts, and food! Free for undergraduate and graduate students and $5 for new graduates. What do you have to lose?

For more details, visit our event website: http://protochallenge.strikingly.com/
To register, go to: https://protochallenge2017.eventbrite.com/

Ok! Very last thing, we’ve been contacted by DevFacto, who are looking for an intern, and a Junior Developer! The Job posting can be found here, and if you’re looking for the internship, they’ve made a posting on the Engineering internship website!(I’m actually not sure where that is, but I’m thinking CareerLink?)

You think to yourself, “Where’s the more? I really don’t trust whoever keeps posting these titles. Who is the one known as ‘CSUS’?”

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

Contests, Junior Dev, and more!

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