Hello World!

You were expecting an introduction, but it was me, CSUS!

Let’s jump right into it today, since we’ve got quite a few things coming up!

The Google Code Jam is back! Multiple rounds of algorithmic problems, culminating in a final showdown at the Google offices in Dublin, Ireland! Prizes are up to $15000, and I mean, come on. Google programming contest winner? That’s a resume booster if I ever saw one. Registrations are open up until April 7th, right here!

We’ve actually have a few job postings right now! Starting first, from General Dynamics, two openings right up in Calgary! 1, and 2! This is intended for new graduates and alumni, as the start dates will be after graduation this year, and applicant screening starts in the next few weeks! Both of these jobs say that a Canadian Secret Security Clearance is required, and that just makes it sound way cooler. AND the first one doesn’t even ask for job experience!(although experience doing, you know, what our degree entitles is required)

Secondly, the Faculty of Arts IT is looking for a part time Computer Technician! tbh I didn’t even know the Faculty of Arts had their own IT department, but hey, if you wanted a side job, definitely give it a look through! All the information you’ll need can be found right here!(This is a download to a .docx, just as a heads up)

We’ve been contacted by the Denovo Student Investment Fund, for….OK, I’m not actually sure what it is they do, but talking business side ventures with me is never a good idea. So instead, here’s a blurb from their website!

The purpose of the Fund is to provide students at the University of Calgary with a hands-on learning environment in which they can expand and improve their knowledge of the financial markets. The Fund places a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary learning, and integrating other fields of study with finance. Our aim is to become a co-curricular and multi-disciplinary centre for excellence within the University of Calgary which attracts the finest students who wish to hone their professional skills – be they related to investments and finance, marketing and PR, operations or management and leadership. The Fund also places a great importance on philanthropy, and as such will donate a portion of annual returns to local not-for-profits.

Thrilling! In all actuality though, this actually looks like a really neat way of learning about the financial industry and markets, and okay no if I keep talking I’m going to make a fool of myself. Check out their website here, or contact them at info@denovofund.ca!

Lastly, it’s that time of the year again where we’re looking at new executives for the 2017-2018 year! We’re going to be taking things a little bit differently this year. Applications can be done here! What we’re doing differently this year, is that the current team of executives is going to be taking an active role in deciding who will be joining the team next year! As it stands, we’re looking for 6-7 executives total, all years welcome to apply! We do prefer students in the Computer Science department as well, since you’ll be taking a representative role for the department in this position, and helping shape the future development with the undergraduate perspective! If you’ve any questions about the process, what the requirements and duties of the roles are, or if you’d like a bit more information, feel free to email us at csus@ucalgary.ca! (My gosh that’s a lot of exclamation marks. I’ve never really noticed it up until now wow)

That’s all for now! Good luck to everyone with these last few weeks, let’s finish it strong!

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

Code Jam, Job postings, and a Call for Executives!

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