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Coming here at ya quick, we’re(still) looking for new executives! You can find the link to apply right here, and seeing as most people missed the first one, here’s our second notice! Deadline for applications has now been extended to Friday, April 7th, make sure you swing on by and apply if you’re interested! (Card access to the office! Dedicated fridge space! Sooooooo much more responsibility! It’s actually a great experience to have, and I talk about it all the time in my interviews)

Secondly, we’ve got a small lunchtime event going on, for anyone interested! Coming right from our own Quantum Walk research group, on Thursday, April 6th, 11:00a – 12:00p, SB 146, we-

Imagine searching for an item, with certain criteria, amongst a large number of candidates—finding a needle in a haystack. Considering hard real world problems that rely on searching, developing more efficient search algorithms is important for practical purposes, and is interesting for theoretical computer scientists. An important variation of search problems is search on a graph, which can be implemented using a random walk.

There is a quantum version of random walks that we refer to as quantum walks. If there is a unique solution to the search problem, quantum walks can find it quadratically faster than random walks. If there are multiple solutions, and if we need to find one, the speedup is reduced. For some cases with multiple solutions, the quantum walk may even do worse than a random walk.

Our group is trying to develop quantum algorithms that will have quadratic speedups no matter the number of solutions. We will explain the differences between classical versus quantum algorithms, the interesting features that exist in quantum algorithms, and present what we believe could be solutions to finding better quantum walks. Join us next Thursday at 11am for some free coffee, muffins, and insight into the world of quantum computing research!

Oh wow that just came out of nowhere. ;) The room seats 64 people, and we certainly can’t afford unlimited coffee and muffins(can any of us really afford that?), so if this speaks to you, come on out early and have a listen! And if you’re super into this, sign up for their mailing list right here!

That’s all for now folks!

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

(but i mean actually do apply for exec roles I know some of our current execs are graduating this year)

Second Call for Executives, and a Lunchtime chat!

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