Hello World!

Well, here we are again. It’s always such a pleasure. Remember how you tried to kill me twice?

……wait a second here no wait that’s wrong.

BUT. We’ve been radio silent for the last little bit, but we’re here now! Our executives for the 2017 Academic year have been decided!
In no particular order, we have Nate Carrigan as our VP Finance, Richard Pham as our VP Events, and Shayne Mujuru as our VP Communications! The rest of the message here will be finished by Shayne, so be sure to keep up with your favorite newsletter!(And maybe it’ll finally get updated on an actual schedule, christ)

But, as it is, I’d like to thank everyone for putting up with me and my lame humor for the last year. I had a blast, but as all good things come to an end, my time is now done. I wish the best for CSUS, and the success of the 2017 year!

I’m gonna throw this out one last time though.

Until next time(probably the last time),

Ronald, out.

With that I become the new dragonborn,

,…. hold up CSUSborn, yes that’s a thing.

I am Shayne the new VP Comms taking over as Ronald said, we shall always remember his great puns and signature wit. We only hope the new scrub can come close.

I’ll keep you guys in the up and up with all the CSUS News, events and exciting changes besides the new VPs coming to CSUS. If you have friends who aren’t in CSUS I suggest you get them in next semester (or death to the heathens,…. UHM no) or they miss out on some hype events.

Last thanks to the previous VPs who graduated and best to them all wherever the wind carried them.

With that, that’s just about it until next time.

Have some puppy eyes,….

Have a great summer and until next time

CSUS out!

CSUS Executives for 2017!

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