Summer my old friend is to leave us once again, we return to the trials.

Volunteering Opportunities; If you’re currently an undergrad/grad student in the cpsc program at UofC( just making sure ), there will be an Open House 30th September 2017. Interested in volunteering? Then be so kind as to email Professor Nelson Wong ( before 14th September 2017(next Thursday). The position will just be for 2hrs between 0800hrs and 1600hrs on the day and you will just be in charge of answering questions from the high school students and their parents about life as a CS student.

Innovation Reactor Event; Never heard of it? Well never fear CSUS is here. It’s an event happening at UofC 13th September, you get to meet and network a lot of innovators from campus and the surrounding community. There will be many startups some which are still part of UofC and many that have blossomed into powerhouses themselves. If you’re interested in attending you have to register at this link –> REGISTER. There is no fee for attendance but registration is mandatory. Be sure to visit the Enabler’s Zone while you’re there to get connected with the local innovation community.

Tutoring Opportunities; Want to be a tutor for any cpsc undergrad courses? You’re in luck, CSUS is becoming even more academic. Send us an email at with subject Tutor; Experience: (place number of years of experience), in the body tell us which courses you’d be interested in tutoring and at what rate, also be sure to attach your resume and we’ll contact you.

Enjoy what last speck of summer remains. Until we meet next,

CSUS out!

September, Innovation Reactor Event, Tutoring Opportunities and more.

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