Hello World! Back to bug you.

Firstly, CSUS (yay): We are holding our first meet&greet for the semester on 21st September (next week) come on down to meet your neighbourhood group of insomniacs. P.S. they’ll be pizza(wink wink).

Next, BP Canada Trading Competition: Hosted by UofC’s own Haskayne is a competition open to all students with two cash prizes of $1000. These are opportunities for people in financial mathematics and algorithmic trading. Only 60 seats available so get registering; to make sure you’re serious entries are $10 a seat. More info at COMPETITION .

The Garage: located at MS142(right across CSUS are holding an All-Hands meet and all are invited. It’s on the 27th September 1700hrs. Also if you’re interested in Safety Training they’re holding a session today at 1100hrs register at the CPSC Helpdesk.

Hope first week went well.

CSUS out!

More September; CSUS meet&greet and more.

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