Greetings and Salutations, we know it’s been a while so we’ll try to end this quick so you head back to your lives.

HACKATHON | 17-18 FEB 2018 | 0900HRS – 1730HRS (next day) |
This event is proudly produced by yours truly CSUS. For all who haven’t noticed the posters plastered everywhere we invite you to come on down and hack with your fellow Computer Scientists. This is not restricted to just UofC students, they’ll be plenty interaction with other students from other campuses (Waterloo, UofT and so on) and that’s why we encourage you to come and learn from others. We know the word Hackathon can be a bit intimidating but it’s actually a very pleasant environment. It’s said that you learn more in the 24hrs of a Hackathon than in half a semester and ours is nearly 48hrs so what more can you ask for. THERE ARE VERY FEW SPOTS REMAINING to participate and there’s a lot of FREE STUFF including 2 DOMAINS with a year’s support.
For more info follow the link ——> HACKATHON.

We know there are those courses you just cannot get into during the regular semester (we’re talking about you PHIL314) and then there are those you just can’t bare during the regular semester too. Good news kindred spirits, we have been graced with Spring Courses (PHIL314 is one of them). The registration opened up 1000hrs today (sorry we’re a bit late) but you should take the chance to clean out as much as you need because they close up fast. Just follow your “REGISTER FOR CLASSES” link in myucal and pick Spring2018. Another tip, SCHEDULE BUILDER is really good, no more having to write down and having to schedule your classes by hand, just pick the classes you want to enter and it gives you the possible permutations for the courses you picked.

You’ve all been chosen to join us, in our elite discord chat, filled with many other CPSC students. Some of the students are graduates who are now in the working industry and give lots of insight on what to work on to get into a particular field and hints and tips into getting into that internship you want. We also have many undergrads together as well, helping each other with courses (not doing the work for you), helping each other learn and just discussing various aspects of degree. We also have a very social channel as well not just for education but for kicking back, socializing and getting to know your fellow majors.
If you’re interested (I know you are) follow the link to our channel ——–> CSUS_DISCORD

Well that’s all folks, until next time

CSUS out!


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