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Bitancial is brand new startup that is focused on changing the way how
money, financial transactions,and point of sale systems work. We deal with
cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and Litecoin. We are a
very young company looking to launch very soon and looking for a talented
system and security administrator to setup and look after our servers and
back end.
This position gives you the power to create and design your own back end
and networking architecture, something you can call your own. The only
constraints you will be presented with will be the requirement to work on
the Amazon Web Services platform. Your initial hurdle will be to setup the
servers after which life gets much easier as you will be in charge of
upkeep and maintenance. As you may have already guessed we are a security
oriented company, everything that is implemented must be
done with a security conscience mind.
You must have the following skills:
 Extensive knowledge of Amazon Web Services
 Extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux Administration
 Unix/Linux networking expertise
 Very strong focus on Unix/Linux System security
 Extensive knowledge of Apache and Apache Security
Other appreciable skills and assets:
 Extensive knowledge of PHP and the PHP Slim framework
 Knowledge of MySQL
 Knowledge of C/C++
 Knowledge of JAVA
 Previous involvement in the early stages of a startup
 Knowledge of Bitcoin, Litecoin technologies and the official
Bitcoin and Litecoin daemons.
If you have already applied for this position in the past please do so
again. University students currently enrolled in Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science are also welcome to apply for this position.
Apply @ admin@bitancial.com
Check us out at: https://bitancial.com



Laura Henderson coordinating a student group here on campus focused on
men’s mental health and substance use. This is a project operating at 3
Canadian universities, here, Dalhousie, and Queen’s. She is looking to
find a student who would be interested in paid work. In a nutshell, they
need to build a website for their program that is similar in functionality
to the other websites that Dalhousie and Queen’s built. They are:
http://theprosocialproject.ca/ and http://www.queensftb.com/ , She has all
the written content for the websites so they would not be looking for
anyone to develop that part of it. They have already bought the website
and currently have a very lack luster web site existing at
www.manupyyc.com . One of the issues is that they want to get something up
ASAP, so hopefully there would be someone with free time in the next week
or two to meet with her.

If you’re interested, please contact Laura Henderson at


Tech Coach

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