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Coming at ya with a few updates today! I know, I know, we’ve been pretty radio silent(Did you see how we lost our email? That was a fun two weeks), but now that we’re back on track(mostly) and prepared for the upcoming end of semester, we’ve got just a few things for you today!

Firstly, we’ve got a study exploring how email tools can support different communication styles! Now of course, why would you want to do this? Monetary compensation! There are a few requirements, but for full details, check this out!

Secondly, as a reminder, tomorrow, we’re having a board games night! 6:00 pm, in ICT 516, come out for games, pizza, and pop! With the end of the school semester looming on us, we’re looking to at least have something to help relief a bit of stress, so come on out!

Lastly, we’re hashing out the details right now, but we’re working out some research spotlights! Basically, what we mean by this is that we’re going to do a few talks, usually an hour long, with a professor and a specific field of research they’re performing, just to help get the word out about what kinds of research are available for these fields! We’ll keep you all posted as we finalize our plans.

That’s everything for now!

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

October Updates

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