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We’ve got quite a few updates for you today! With the end of the semester bearing upon us, remember to take breaks, and to not burn out! You can save that until after you finish your finals.

With that being said though,let’s get right into it!

The Queen’s Conference on Business and Technology have reached out to us, to let us know they’re looking for delegates this year! I’ll leave a little blurb here for ya to read,

Delegate applications for the Queen’s Conference on Business & Technology (QCBT) are now LIVE. When we first started two years ago, we brought in speakers from Siemens and Cisco. Last year, Google and Oracle representatives flew in to say a couple words. Curious to see who we’ll be bringing in this year?

We are looking for delegates from the University of Calgary to join us from January 20th-22nd. QCBT is a multidisciplinary conference, and will be hosting workshops, speakers, and sponsors from some of the leading firms in the industry. Some of our past sponsors and speakers include Google, Accenture, Oracle, IBM, RBC, and many more. Apps are due on Nov. 30th at 11:59pm. Take a look at our event page to find the application, and for more information, go here!

The QCBT will have a LOT to do while you’re there. Network with industry representatives, learn from speakers and sponsors about technology, and a case competition through the weekend as well! If you’re at all interested, check the facebook link and take a look! You can also find their website here!

For those looking at research, we’ve got a great opportunity coming up!

Mitacs and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have partnered to offer the RISE-Globalink Research Internship (RISE-GRI), which offers undergraduate students at Canadian universities the opportunity to undertake research at eligible German institutions.

RISE-GRI pairs Canadian students with 10- to 12-week projects supervised by PhD students in Germany.
Open to full-time undergraduates in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, or engineering (or a closely related field) who have completed at least two years of a four- or five-year program
Applications accepted until January 15, 2017
Competitive opportunity — only top-ranked students are matched with projects
Projects must start between May 15 and July 10, 2017
Approved recipients receive $5,200 toward travel and accommodations
For questions about the application procedure, matching process, and internship placement, please contact rise-germany@daad.de
Now yes, I know it doesn’t mention us by name, but if we aren’t a closely related field to engineering(How many engineers do you know that complain about MatLab?), then I’m in the wrong field. Regardless, if you’re interested, send out an application!

We’ve also been contacted by the Google University Program about internships for the upcoming year! This is a bit late for deadlines(2 days? Come on.), but if you’re interested, send in those resumes and transcripts! (Here’s a little blurb, since I’m so bad at writing.)
Hi Everyone!

This is a final reminder to apply to Google’s Summer 2017 internships. The deadline to apply is December 2nd. Here are the links to apply:

Software Engineering Intern, BS/MS, Summer 2017 – closes on December 2nd.

Engineering Practicum Intern, Summer 2017 – (for 2019 and 2020 Bachelor’s graduates) closes December 2nd.

Software Engineering Intern, PhD, Summer 2017 – closes on January 31 (you have a bit more time for this one)

We’ve included some FAQs below and look forward to seeing your applications come in!

Google University Programs

“Okay, Google, I’m ready to apply.”

What do I need to submit when I apply?
Please upload your resume and a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine).
The Engineering Practicum application has some short answer questions.
Check out our Technical Resume Tips.

So I really don’t need a cover letter?

I applied previously and wasn’t selected. May I reapply?
Yes, but we generally recommend that you’ve gained at least six months of additional technical experience and knowledge before reapplying.

Are international students eligible to apply for internships or full-time roles?
Yes, international students can apply for internships and full-time roles.

I’m planning to graduate this academic year, can I apply for an internship?
Unfortunately you aren’t able to do an internship after you graduate, so you’ll need to apply for a full-time role. If you’re graduating, but plan to pursue a graduate degree, then you can apply for an internship.

I want to intern on Android/Maps/[insert Google product here]. How do I apply for those teams?
You’ll first need to pass two technical phone interviews then a recruiter will work with you to determine a project match for the summer. You’ll have the chance to express interest in certain teams, tell us more about your background/skills, etc. once you’ve completed the technical interviews.

More Questions?
Check out our Internship & Interview Insights.

Very last thing for ya today, On December 9th, the outreach committee is heading up a tour of of the department, as part of CSedWeek! We’ve got about 130 students coming in to tour, learn about the department, and spark interest in what we do! What we’re looking for are student volunteers to help students navigate around the campus, and to also ask any questions they do have as well. The majority of the groups will be here from 9am – 2pm, but all students AND volunteers get lunch at 1PM. If you’re interested, contact ualim@ucalgary.ca!

Honestly the first thing I saw reading that was volunteers get lunch, so if you’re willing to just chat with some HS students about the department, you’ve got a lunch!

That’s everything for now! Definitely seems like this is a time for EVERYTHING to get needlessly complex with deadlines everywhere. As always, if you have any questions about all this, don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

Conferences, research, internships, oh my!

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