Hello World!

IT’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hope everyone’s break is going great so far, and if you’re taking spring courses, I hope you’re killing it!

But, we’re going to keep it nice and simple today. We’ve got wind of three different job opportunities coming out! Let’s get right into it,

First, Chris Bakker has reached out to us! You know how I am with blurbs, so

LOSERPOOL is a licensed online gambling site based in the UK that focuses on Premier League soccer and wants to expand to NHL. Marketing and IT management of the site is based in Calgary. The ASP.NET site is mostly completed and running but there are still a few bugs left to work out before it can be launched. We are looking for a developer to help work out these bugs and add features as the site goes live. We need someone who is skilled with MS SQL Databases, C# development (ASP.NET) and the MVC design framework. There will be minimal direct supervision in this position and so a motivated and conscientious candidate is a must. The successful candidate must be able to commit ~20 hours to this project each week (with some flexibility) until the end of August. There is a strong possibility that this contract could continue beyond August if there is mutual interest.

Please contact Chris Bakker, cbakker3000@yahoo.com, for more details.

Secondly, two different 4 month contracts are looking for applicants! I’m just going to leave this, and this here.

I know, I know, this isn’t my usual upbeat, hey here’s blurbs let’s just do this, and it’s more just, hey here’s some blurbs okay bye BUT.

okay bye

Until next time,

CSUS, out.

(but for real though, these are actually really nice opportunities for whoever is interested. The blurbs aren’t too clear about how much experience is necessary, but hey, might as well apply!)

Job Opportunities!

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