Lets get right to it,

First, HACKANORTH. If you’re currently interested in participating in a hackathon not of our own making, University of Waterloo has one upcoming. It’s a 36hr hackathon I won’t get into more details than that but if you want more info visit this link —> Hackanorth. If you’ve more questions after that feel free to contact the organisers at hello@hackthenorth.com. Entries for this hackathon CLOSE on JULY 17 tomorrow at 11:59 EDT.

Next, VR. Part of the VR clan I’ve got something great for you. Our friends at Academy of VR are having their second online bootcamp. It’s gonna be VR development(ah duh) with Unity and first class begins on JULY 19. They’re gonna have top of the line speakers in the industry from big companies and much more. Visit the website to signup and find out more at this link —> Academy Of VR

Lastly, IBM Global Business Services is starting their recruitment cycle for their new-grad consulting program. They’ve mainly recruited from Haskayne (the suits) and Schulich (the goggles) but are looking for candidates from CS (the cream). If you’re interested email Chris Masternack at chrismasternack@ca.ibm.com.

That pretty much covers July, you may return to your exciting summer lives until I disrupt the peace to bother you all once again.

With that,

CSUS out!

July News, Hackanorth and more.

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