Greetings comrades;

This is gonna be a short one.

We are holding a few events over the course of the next month and all are welcome. Membership again is $5 at the door if not already a member otherwise come and join us for free drinks, pizza and a refreshment before the finals.

CSUS Board Game Night
November 8, 2017 | 1800hrs – 2000hrs | EDC 388 |
Our annual test of betrayal event. Come on over and leave with less friends than you had when you arrived.

CPSC Concentration Event
November 24, 2017 | 1800hrs – 2100hrs | ICT 114 |
I personally recommend all that plan on branching out into more specific fields of CPSC to attend this insightful event. I am sure you will learn a tonne about a field you would like to venture into and there’ll be a few guest speakers and profs well versed in the field. Check this in your calendar hope to see you there!

CSUS End of Semester Gathering
December 8, 2017 | 1800hrs – 2000hrs | ICT 114 |
A time to say farewell for the winter break and wish each other luck in the exams (hopefully we will all be ready for). Same room as Concerntration Event so hope you all remember and as always free refreshments because well we’re CSUS, we like to treat you to things.

As I said this will be a short one.


CSUS out!

Events and Gatherings ALL WELCOME!

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