The end is nigh, we’ve almost made it…

We’d like to thank all that joined us for the Concentration Event and we hope that it gave you a bit of insight into what concentration you would like to pursue. For those who did not manage to join us fear not, we were recording these presentations which should be up and available on the CPSC and CSUS sites by January, if not affected by any factors we are not expecting. For all that are wondering as why we keep pushing this, if you haven’t already heard, certain CPSC courses will now have restricted seats to those in the concentration field for that course. Meaning that people with concentrations will start getting precedence, do not fall short, pick yours before that course you really want to take isn’t in reach. Not to scare you or anything ;)

Christmas/EndOfSemester Party [CSUS]
December 08 2017 | 1800hrs – 2000hrs | ICT 114
We’ve also mentioned this quite a bit but just as a reminder our end of semester gathering is next week Friday. We all plan to just relax, cool off, talk about the highlights of the semester before that last push. There will be board games (#friendship_enders) and a Secret Santa gift exchange if you’re interested in participating (not forcing this on you). For the Secret Santa the gift has to have a $20 limit, be gender-friendly, be PG-16 (PLEASE! :D), be wrapped and has to be new. Of course we’re CSUS we’ll be feeding you and just hope you enjoy yourselves, spread this around and have a bunch of you come along.

We’ve had a CSUS discord running for a while now. This is where most of our members actually chat (besides our room MS130), ask questions (any questions related to CPSC, this includes courses, jobs, internships etc) or just have a friendly conversation. We know some of you are not fans of our olden age means of communication (#emails) so feel free to join. For you folks who like good old messenger we also have a FACEBOOK PAGE where you can contact us directly as well. Below are the links to the discord chat and the facebook page.


That’s all we had to grace you with, till next yonder,…


CSUS out!

Christmas Party and UPDATES

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