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Congratulations on making it back to the school year and welcome to the University of Calgary if you are new! It is time to get back into gear with doing assignments and staying up late in the computer labs.

For our first non-academic event of the year, we have our annual Meet and Greet event. The details are:

  • Venue: ICT 116
  • Time: 17:00PM
  • Date: 21st of September, Friday

Join us for some pizza, pop,various games and to meet other students who are in computer science! If you are not a member yet, it is $5 to join CSUS and you can pay when you come to the event.

Also, a week after, we have our first academic event to learn more about that beautiful programming language that you love: Python! (return False;)  Why Python? Python isn’t used too much as an ‘actual’ programming language. Consider this event if you’re interested in learning about the uses of Python past its syntax-and-concepts side shown in CPSC 231. The details of this event will probably be:

  • Venue: ICT 114
  • Time: 16:00PM
  • Date: 28th of September, Friday

It has not been confirmed yet about the date, time and venue, but we will send out another post to let you all know.

In addition to all of this, the department of computer science is in the process of revising the curriculum. They would like around 10 to 15 representatives to get involved in the process to get ideas and feedback about the curriculum. It will be a low time commitment as the meetings will only occur once in October and another near the end of the semester or next semester, for two hours. If you are interested in becoming a representative, you can e-mail us at csus@ucalgary.ca or drop by our office and tell one of the execs.

Remember that our office is located in MS 130 and that anytime it is open you can feel free to come over for:

  • Computer science help
  • Doing assignments
  • Hanging out and chilling
  • Buying pop for $1 (Cheapest on campus!)
  • Taking a nap (We have a comfy sofa!)

That will be everything we have to update you on for today.

CSUS, signing out.


Welcome to the 2018/2019 Year! With Event Updates

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