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Last newsletter I forgot to introduce myself. Hello, I am the new VP Relations. I have many names. Everyone usually calls me Nadhif, but sometimes I am referred to as Rahmanta. They are my middle and first names respectively. I am the human entity behind the newsletters that you all are getting. Anyway enough about me, let’s get to the real updates.

Firstly, we have updates regarding the Why Py? event. It has been confirmed that the details will be:

  • Venue: MS 211
  • Time: 16:00PM – 17:00PM
  • Date: 28th of September, Friday

If you are interested in learning about further applications of Python, more than what was taught to you in CPSC 231, then mark that date on your calendar now!

Next in our news, SOAR will be collaborating with SUAV and Aero Design and have a joint Recruitment Night. They will be having presentations and talking about what their club is, what they do and how you can get involved! The details for this will be:

  • Venue: ENA 101
  • Time: 18:00PM – 21:00PM
  • Date: 20th of September, Thursday

Furthermore, if you are still doing your undergraduate studies and are interesting in doing research and publishing it, then I have some good news for you!

“Submission for the 2018-2019 issue of the Review of Undergraduate Computer Science (RUCS) are now open! RUCS is an open-access journal based at the University of Toronto. We feature the best of undergraduate computer science research at home and abroad. RUCS publishes extended abstracts (650-1050 words) rather than full papers. The deadline for submissions is October 5th. Please visit http://rucs.ca for more information.”

Lastly, some reminders. The Computer Science department is undergoing a curriculum change and they are looking for representatives to give ideas and feedback regarding the curriculum. Don’t forget to come to our Meet and Greet event this coming Friday! For more information on these two things, you can check out the previous newsletter by clicking here. Also, if you haven’t renewed your CSUS membership (or haven’t payed for it if you are a new member), then drop by our office at MS 130 and the membership fee is $5.

That will be everything we have to update you on for today.

CSUS, signing out.



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