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For everyone who’s returning, welcome back to the new school year and for everyone who’s new, welcome to the University of Calgary, we hope you’re enjoying university life so far!

To start off the things, we’ll introduce our executive team for the year.

President: Rahmanta Nadhif Satriana
VP Finance: Gavin Guinn
VP Academic Events: Bryan Huynh
VP Non-Academic Events: Ezra Guia
VP External Communications: Anas Alawa
VP Internal Communications: Colin Au Yeung

We will all be in the CSUS room throughout the semester, so if you’re interesting in what we do, come down and chat with us!

Join our Discord! We’ll be posting more regular updates there and it’s a great place to chat with both us and your fellow CSUS members!

You can also follow us on Instagram where we’ll be posting pictures of our events through out the year!

And as always the CSUS club room is Math Sciences 130. That’s to the right of the main doors of Math Sciences, past the bathrooms and across from Garage 142. It’ll be open whenever an exec is in the room, so come check us out! Pop is $1, but chilling is free!

Upcoming CSUS Events

Clubs Week
We will outside of Mathematical Sciences’ main doors during clubs week this year! If you’re interested in hanging out with us, we will be set up September 17-19. That’s Tuesday through to Thursday. so come out and chat with us!

Meet and Greet
Our yearly meet and greet is coming up soon! We’re still working out the details, but we will send out another newsletter after clubs week with more information on the event.

Also a reminder, if you have not yet joined CSUS, it is $5 for the year and lets you into all of our events through the year. You can join by coming down to the club room or we’ll be doing club registration at both of the previously mentioned events

Around Campus


Reminder that tuition is due on September 20th for all those who have not paid yet

Code for Change Calgary

Calling all programmers! Do you want to excel your programming and development knowledge, learn new software skills, and gain some amazing experience to put on your resume all while helping out your community and contributing to social change? Code the Change can offer all this and so much more. Code the Change is a student driven community initiative where computer science and engineering students use their skills for social change. We have worked alongside non-profit organizations for the last five years. Founded at Stanford University, Code the Change has spread to campuses across the US and Canada. You can hear more about its founding principles by following this link ( Students with any level of programming experience are welcome to join this new Code the Change Calgary chapter. You will be a part of a small team of programming students and will work together on projects to help charities and non-profits who don’t have the means to otherwise access expert technical services. You will also receive mentorship from senior programmers and technical leaders from around Calgary to expand your skillset and gain experience applying what you’ve learned in school to solve real-life problems. You can see some of the past projects students have completed here. ( )

Contact Ariba Anees at or Kieran Konynenbelt at if you’re interested and want to learn more.

Faculty of Science Library Takeover

Let your curiosity take you on an adventure to discover the awe and wonder of science during Science Literacy Week at the Calgary Central Library. Join the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Science for a day filled with hands-on activities and live demonstrations right from our researchers’ labs. Whether you’re 2 or 102, there’s a world of science and creativity for you to explore at the Calgary Central Library.

On Saturday, September 21st you will be in awe and wonder at how science makes our world work – with magic of chemistry, the physics of flight and levitation, the wonders of parasites, virtual reality, the power of earthquakes and more!

Our scientists will explain how you can build paper rockets, outrun a dinosaur, and even untangle yourself using math.

Be a scientist for a day and join us for this FREE, all ages event from 9 am – 5 pm.

BP Canada Trading Competition

NASA’s Space Apps Challenge

What is the NASA Space Apps Challenge?
A weekend-long Hackathon for participants to create solutions with software and hardware to some of NASA’s toughest challenges. In order to promote NASA Space Apps activities in areas of Canada where there are not already events, SEDS-Canada is hosting NASA Space Apps in Toronto, Calgary, and Halifax! Challenges are provided by both NASA and the CSA, for the Canadian events, and they range from Earth’s oceans and atmosphere all the way to the moon, stars and far away planets! Space Apps exposes students to real world industry challenges and highlights the importance of teamwork. The two day hackathon can also includes talks and workshops from academic and industry partners.

Who can Participate?
Everyone over the age of 14 is welcome! The goal of space apps is to give people a chance to work on real problems in a diverse and multidisciplinary team. People specializing in engineering, computer science, business and arts are all encouraged to work together! We would like to focus on inclusivity in STEM this year. The goal is to create a safe space where all parties can express their creativity and develop amazing space apps! There will also be special awards and initiative to highlight the most diverse teams!

When and Where will it be?
Held on the weekend of October 18th 2019. The activities will commence on Friday evening and conclude Sunday afternoon. We are holding this event in ENG 024 in the Engineering building at the University of Calgary.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Game Jam

That’s all for this first newsletter of the year! Hope to see you all around.

CSUS, signing out.

Welcome back for 2019/2020

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