Hello everyone!
For everyone who came by and chatted with us either at the SU pancake breakfast or Clubs Week, thank you for stopping by and welcome to CSUS!

As a reminder for those of you who are new to CSUS, our clubroom is Math Sciences 130. That’s to the right of the main doors of Math Sciences, past the bathrooms and across from Garage 142. It’ll be open whenever an exec is in the room (which is usually around lunch), so come check us out! Pop is $1, but chilling is free!

As well you can keep up to date with us on both discord and instagram

Upcoming CSUS Events

That’s right, our annual meet and greet is coming up on the horizon! Come down and hang out with us as we play board games and eat pizza! We’re teaming up with the Competitive Programming Club this year, so you’ll also get a chance to meet with the CPC team while you’re there

Around Campus

There’s still time to sign up for the BP Canada Trading Competition, NASA’s Space Apps Challenge and BCI Game Jam. For more information, check our previous newsletter:

That’s all folks! Hope to see you around

Post Clubs Week Update

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