The Computer Science Undergraduate Society, CSUS for short, is a student-run organization that reaches out to the undergraduate students of the Computer Science Department at the University of Calgary.

Ever need any academic or career related advice from a student perspective? Well that’s what we’re here for. Ever need to unwind and just relax with great company? Well we’re here for that too. CSUS is here to provide academic and career driven resources, social events and a safe, friendly environment for students.

Should you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, scribes, jokes, or stories feel free to visit us in our club room at Math Sciences 130!

Current Executive Team

President – Rahmanta Nadhif Satriana
VP of Finance – Gavin Guinn
VP of Internal Communications – Colin Au Yeung
VP of External Communications – Anas Alawa
VP of Academic Events – Bryan Huynh
VP of Non-Academic Events – Ezra John Guia
Junior Executive – Alexanna Little
Junior Executive – Andrew Barnett
Junior Executive – Stuart Johnstone